Using Strava to track my cycling

My brother showed me how he was using to track his mountain biking expeditions into the various tracks around the east coast and central North Island of New Zealand. 

Looked awesome so decided to take the plunge and see just how slow I really was while cycling with the other weekend warriors on Beach Road in Melbourne. 

Now I'm living closer to the hills, I do all my training in the hills. The easiest way to share your performance is to use the share button built into the web site at This will share directly to social media apps. However, if you want to publish directly from your own web site you'll need to understand Strava API.

To develop a solution in your language or see if others have already had your brilliant idea, start here:  

According to the documentation:

"All calls to the Strava API require an access_token defining the athlete and application making the call. Any registered Strava user can obtain an access_token by first creating an application at

The API application settings page provides a public access token to get started. See the Authentication page for more information about generating access tokens and the OAuth authorization flow.

Generally speaking, a Strava API application only has access to a user’s data after the user has authorized the application to use it. Segment and segment leaderboard data is available to all applications."